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Ortus Joins Patreon, Help Sponsor Open Source

Luis Majano
Aug 22, 2016


We are excited to announce we have joined !

Sponsor Us

At Ortus Solutions we are known for building open source projects for the ColdFusion (CFML) community such as ColdBox, CommandBox, ContentBox Modular CMS, ForgeBox and many more. All of those products are licensed under the Apache 2 license and are completely FREE to use and extend.


However, the amount of effort needed to maintain and develop new features for all projects is not sustainable without proper financial backing. This is where you can come in and help support Ortus Open Source Software by pledging on Patreon. We have listed a bunch of options for you to sponsor Ortus Open Source Projects with lots of rewards like getting awesome recognition and some great discounts, swag and t-shirts. By pledging as little as $10 a month, you can contribute to this great cause and allow Ortus Open Source to have faster and ongoing development cycles. Pledge more and you can even be part of our product roadmap planning sessions.


If you run a business and are using Ortus Open Source software in a revenue generating product or service, it makes sense to sponsor Ortus Open Source Software development: it ensures the project that your product/services use stays healthy and actively maintained. If you are an individual user and have enjoyed the productivity of our Open Source Software tools, consider donating as a sign of appreciation :).

Sponsor Us

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REST2016 - Introduction to RESTful Tools - Coldbox Relax

Gavin Pickin
Mar 11, 2016


ColdBox Relax is a set of restful tools, for lazy experts, that provides an easy way to describe RESTful web services, test RESTful Web Services, monitor RESTful web services, and document your RESTful API.

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Relax Version 2.2.0 Is Now Available

Jon Clausen
Mar 05, 2016


Relax version 2.2.0, for Coldbox, is now available and includes a number of bug fixes and improvements.  Relax, aptly subtitled "RESTful tools for lazy experts", is a Coldbox module, which makes it easy for developers to conduct modeling, documentation and testing for their RESTful APIs.   The easiest way to get started with Relax is by installing it via CommandBox from the root of your ColdBox application:

box install relax

Once Relax is installed, an example API is available to help you get started. Additional documentation is also available.  To upgrade your existing installation of Relax, simply run:

box update relax

Happy coding!

Release Notes - ColdBox Relax - Version 2.2.0:


  • [RELAX-12] - Sample API is excluded
  • [RELAX-20] - The Resource URL changes for every code change

New Feature

  • [RELAX-17] - Make test shell full URL rewritable
  • [RELAX-18] - Ability to view resource details from doc viewer


  • [RELAX-4] - Remove dependency on sessions
  • [RELAX-21] - Update StringBuffer to StringBuilders
  • [RELAX-22] - Updated build scripts for using DocBox
  • [RELAX-23] - Travis CI integration for tests
  • [RELAX-24] - Update of all dependencies of the shell tester
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Use ColdBox to Write Your Next REST API

Brad Wood
Mar 27, 2014


REST APIs are a popular and easy way to add HTTP endpoints to your web applications to act as web services for third parties or even other internal systems. REST is simpler and requires less verbosity and overhead than other protocols such as SOAP or XML-RPC. Creating a fully-featured REST API is easy with the ColdBox Platform. Everything you need for creating routes, massaging data, and enforcing security comes out of the box.

The ColdBox MVC Platform has had excellent support for REST APIs for years and is a great choice for your next project.  Using ColdBox automatically affords you many productive features, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Flexible and simple URL Routing
  • No XML configuration!
  • Easy use of conventions
  • Built-in data rendering
  • Easy control of HTTP verbs and status codes
  • Error Handling
  • Security
  • Caching

Have a read through our ColdBox REST documentation: Building ColdFusion Rest APIs

Also check out our companion project that helps you write and test REST APIs called ColdBox Relax: ReSTful Tools For Lazy Experts


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ColdBox Relax v1.7 Released

Luis Majano
Nov 16, 2011


We are proud to announce yet another version of our open source RESTful assistant: ColdBox Relax - RESTful Tools For Lazy Experts! For those of you who do not know what ColdBox Relax is, here you go:

What is Relax? ColdBox Relax is a set of RESTful tools for lazy experts. We pride ourselves in helping developers work smarter and of course document more in less time by providing them the necessary tools to automagically document and test. ColdBox Relax is a way to describe RESTful web services, test RESTful web services, monitor RESTful web services and document RESTful web services.  Now with version 1.5 you can also share RESTful web service definitions and manage a library of RESTful definitions.

So what's new with version 1.7:

  • Various fixes to JSON lint and formatting
  • Throw exceptions on invalid loading of API's
  • New programmatic DSL for defining resources instead of an implicit struct/array notation
  • New self-documenting DSL, what would be a project without documentation
  • Addition of defaultFormat() and defaultMethod() for each resource definition
  • Addition of JS auto-select of default format and methods if defined in resource in the RelaxURL tester console

The most important feature of this release is that now you have a great programmatic DSL to define your RESTful resources:

			.description("The representation for system users.  You can also interact with creation, updating and deletion via this resource")
			.header(name="x-test",description="Return test in a header",required="true")
			.param(name="firstName",description="The user firstname. Only used on PUT and POST operations",required="true")
			.param(name="lastName",description="The user lastname. Only used on PUT and POST operations",required=true)
			.param(name="email",description="The user email. Only used on PUT and POST operations",required="false")
			.placeholder(name="username",description="The resource username to interact with",required=true);

Resources, links and information:

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CFCamp 2011 Presentations

Luis Majano
Nov 01, 2011


We are posting our slide deck and also our mobile demo code from our CFCamp 2011 presentations.  This was truly a great conference and had an absolute blast presenting.  Thanks CFCamp and see you next year!

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