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Screencast Intro to FusionReactor Cloud & Docker Swarm Demo

Brad Wood
Oct 27, 2017


We've made a new screencast that shows an introduction to FusionReactor Cloud, a new way to monitor any number of servers in a consolidated interface that can scale up and down with your infrastructure.  Not only do new servers automatically register and deregister themselves with the Cloud dashboard, but it supports a pay-for-what-you-use model that prevents you from locking into a specific number of licenses.  

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Getting Started With ProfileBox and Fusion Reactor

Brad Wood
Jun 23, 2014


We've just released a getting started video of ProfileBox for monitoring your ColdBox and ContentBox applications alongside FusionReactor.  ProfileBox is a drop-in module that sends tons of cool profiling and performance statistics directly to your FusionReactor console.  This video shows a brief overview, installation, and setup of the module.  


ProfileBox Getting Started from Luis Majano on Vimeo.

Visit our product page here to purchase ProfileBox!

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